What about your shoes Dad?”

I did not count my kids amoung my readers because generaly, they dont read my blog.
Duno, they just dont, guess they are living it, dont need to read it……. How ever, having said that, let me say this…. Terry, every now and hardly ever then will read the odd entry….. He happen to catch the one about ‘the corner‘.

The first thing he said to me after reading it was “What about your shoes Dad?”
Ahh, yes, the high of the corner totally caused me to slip my mind into neutral about the shoes… See the thing with the shoes is that they are the first things to touch the road, then come the foot pegs, then…..well, lets just leave what comes next, any way, the thing with the shoes… well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and its been a while since there was a picture here, so here is four of them for ya……..

So. clearly I have put them back to front so you can see the outside edges a bit clearer. I guess the thing to note is that the shoes prove just how amazing that left hand curve on the way to work really is.

Hows your shoes looking these days Gary??? (Relax, the passangers are no where near touching!)

5 Responses to What about your shoes Dad?”

  1. @Paul Weir
    Fear not blog readers, I am pretty sure Paul has never thrown a leg over either a hippo or an 1800 Goldwing, so rest assured he has no idea what he is talking about…. he is in-fact a Harley fanboy, so just smile and move on, once Paul stops all the oil leaks and gets his ear plugs in, he might catch up in a week or so……

  2. Avatar Matt Billett
    Matt Billett says:

    If you were havin’ a real go bike boy, there’d be some claret on them there clod hoppers and you’d be on crutches. Remember, if you aint flyin’, you aint tryin’!!!!!!!!

  3. You’re future footwear fate is going to fare a bit better do to your recent acquisition of a Rover!

  4. have no fear gary.

    Take a look at the shoe pictures and think Ronald McDonald riding a tricycle.

    That gives you Ben`s shoe size and the angle of the shoes on the footpegs, plus a Honda Goldwing has the ground clearance and agility of an overweight hippopotamus.(out of the water)

    No danger to your or your shoes is involved so get on the hipposeatamus and relax.

  5. That’s it!!!! I ain’t getting on the back.