Windows 10 updates

I have one of my computers on Windows 10. It’s different, stuff is both easier to find and harder.
At the moment (your sitting down right?) I don’t have an opinion about it. It works for what I need.
(Opto and Chrome web browser).

That said. I find the updates a pain in the …. ahhh… backside.
The constant reboots and forced updates are just unwelcome to my workflow.

The sad thing is that after 7 point something years of living in the land of truly unlimited Internet I had totally forgotten about how these updates might impact people with metered Internet connections.

(Please skip the annoying video).

Consumer groups have slammed Microsoft for its policy of forced updates for Windows 10, which is hitting customers in remote locations with massive bill shocks by blowing out their data caps.

But they warn bill shock may affect many more customers, regardless of where they are located. And, with many customers yet to receive their monthly internet bills, the full extent of the problem may not yet be apparent.

Maureen Hilyard, an internet user in the Cook Islands, an autonomous region associated with New Zealand, claims she faces a bill as much as $NZ600 ($A532) for the month of August, thanks to Windows 10 automatic updates.

The article goes on, but you get the point.
People who just assume a fast and unlimited Internet assume too much.

Let me know in the comments if you had / have a problem with Windows 10 updates.

3 Responses to Windows 10 updates

  1. I have had several friends having issues in the early days with downloading Windows 10 and had to get in expert help to get the computer fixed and the update removed. Therefore I have held off waiting to see if the early glitches have been resolved. Are you aware of any issues like this. I have both a laptop and PC to do and living 20kms from nearest town makes me reluctant to have a stuff up particularly with the PC.

    • It seems that only brand new (last 6-9 months) the update is truly glitchless.
      Also it seems to depend on what devices are in / connected to the computer.
      Lastly, older software may have some issues. (I have had this issue).

      I have to ask why you want to upgrade? If what you have is working, I would leave it.
      There is no real reason to move to 10 from 7 or 8 that I know of.

      • Yes I am coming to that opinion too particularly with the PC as I have quite a few devices and a net phone in particular. Thanks for the feedback