The future is here. Now.

Please please please (Dad, you included when you have the spare bandwidth) check out this ENTIRE video. It’s only a few minutes, but you need to see the start to really be blown away at the end.

I gota admit that I teared up (just a little) watching this…. Both from joy and wonder.
It is just amazing how far these guys have come in the past 1-2 years.
I once applied for a job in the robotics lab at RMIT long before I applied for the job that got me to Ballarat… I still love robotics…. Not going to say too much, but I am working on another robot at home (Yeah, in addition to the one I currently have in my groov demo)… A future blog for sure.

3 Responses to The future is here. Now.

  1. Im with Dan. At what point in time did Skynet become self aware?

  2. You wept with Joy, others would cringe with the thought of what might happen.

  3. Yes – very human like.

    I was wondering if the robot was pre-programed, or was being controlled by someone – like someone flying a drone.

    And – of course – I was wondering how long the batteries last.

    As you say, they are making good progress.

    Part of the video clip even made it onto our 6:00pm news.