Man, that is really weird

I have subscribed to the Ballarat Base YouTube channel, whenever they upload a new video, I get an email.

Watching this really freaked me out…. In just about every shot, I realized that I had written Opto code to run some of the gear in that shot. The one exception is that the waiting room has been ‘moved’, some of my code would still be there, but some would have been moved as well.
All the shots in the A&E department, all mine….. It just really hit me hard for some reason.
Not sad, not happy, just a really profound odd, out-of-body type experience. My code is keeping people comfortable in that space… Even after all these years, Opto is still doing what it does best…. Me on the other hand…. the changes to my ‘code’ have been profound and extensive and great chunks of it are not working…. The hospital in this video is working better than I am.
Mate that is a sobering and slightly upsetting thought.

One Response to Man, that is really weird

  1. I doubt that you have never written a decent chunk of code, without finding some “bugs” in it when you first tried to run it.

    So – what was the next step after the initial writing?


    Thus, what you are feeling – I think – is a very normal part of programming (making code).

    That said, I have often found that the debug process takes a lot longer than the initial write.

    So – hang in there.

    Like the debugged code that is still giving people the right temperature – good code ends up being great stuff.