How to wire a prox sensor

We have been busy at work videoing a new series of short ‘how to’s.
We took a range of signals and then did a video around each one.
The plan is to cover the basic input and output signals and then record a video on the software side of things.
We are one video short of the physical signals, then we will start on a series of videos for the software side of things.
The thought is that when we are done we will have a range of videos that will help anyone go from the physical world to the software world.
Or, put another way, help an IT guy get his data into his software… ie, IoT.

Figured I would share each of these videos with you lot since they should be entertaining enough to keep you amused for 6-7 minutes.

We had to shoot the paper clip bit a few times, it kept rolling off the cylinder… We started out using a compass and seeing it twitch as the magnet went past, but it really did not view all that well, the paper clip clearly shows something moving up and down inside on the shaft.
Also I wired the thing with the power supply switched on. Opps. So the video guy had to edit the LED and turn it off.
The magic really is in the editing. You have a goofball ‘actor’ trying to make it sound like he is not reading and needs all the help he can get, so we throw in lots of graphics and they take time to draw and animate…. The editor (Paul) is just a whizz at making me look and sound good. No way we could do this without him.

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  1. Yep – I could understand that – so I guess anyone can.

    A bit of fancy fingerwork there.