Amazing Progress

Wow. This sure is some amazing progress…. The guys at Boston Dynamics are at it again with another amazing video showing off their latest robotic feats.

Be sure and watch it till the very end.

Just trying to think about the programming of this makes my head hurt… and then I start to try and think about the mechanics of all the joints, the speed and strength they all have…

Im still trying to find the time to get a Pi hooked up to two of the robots that I want to get going sometime in the next year…. Bleh, but hey, its all good fun till the robots take over. (And by the looks of it, it wont be long now!).

One Response to Amazing Progress

  1. Yeah – quite something. It made it onto the 6:00pm TV news here.

    But – I went into your sire with FireFox, and it would not show the video.

    I downloaded Brave and it did.

    So – in a world of robots doing backflips, we can’t make a browser that can run a video.