Irrigation woes

I. Am. So. Sick. Of. Fixing. Our. Irrigation. System!

The bit you cant see is that the jet of water went clear across the patio and just about doused the Opto and network switch I have installed to run the seismograph and other cool stuff out the back yard….
Anyway, just wanted to share this photo with you lot.
It really is a pain in the butt and takes a lot of work and seemingly constant maintenance to keep it running.
Remember, the only reason, the one and only reason I have to do it is because if the lawn browns off, I get a fine from the HOA.


One Response to Irrigation woes

  1. OK – some thought starters. But before that, those grapefruit look great.

    There are plastics and there are plastics. Go for the highest grade available.

    What about a master solenoid valve – so that there is no pressure in the system until the sprinklers are
    turned on. This may require a small bleed into the fish pond so that all the pressure is released
    once the main valve turns off (or the main valve shuts before the sprinklers finish).

    Deliberately make bends in the pipes to better cope with expansion and contraction.