Different side fence blew down.

California has been having some crazy winds and fire season of late.
Even Temecula got the winds. Normally being in the valley we are protected from that sort of thing, but not this time.
So yeah, this time the front part of the side fence blew down…. The good part is that the bit we fixed last time survived (as I would expect).
So we have torn the whole thing down, jacked out the rotted posts, re cemented them and are starting to put it all back together.

The oceanographic aircraft tracking will be down while we do this as the big dish was nestled up against the fence. It is now currently sitting under our patio cover.

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  1. We got a quote last month and was 10k for the system. 6.2kw, mid range panels and decent inverter, no batteries though. Once you factor in rebates and interest free loans from the government out of pocket was $6.5k.