Weeknotes 28

  • Covid
  • No one wants to read about it or people sick with it.
    I just wanted to point out how well made we are. My body fought the thing off all on its own.
    No downloads or external updates required. Everything it needed was already in there.
    It also did it without my help. I was in no way calling the shots, I was just along for for the ride.
    Its been an interesting 2 weeks.

    3 Responses to Weeknotes 28

    1. Since it has not been used since Oct 10 2021 – maybe it is time to take “blog” out of the menu?

    2. Time for a new blog.

    3. An insightful blog.

      A big pity more people don’t know how to let nature do its work.

      But it sure looks like you are up to speed.