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  • Chrome be gone

    Dont get me wrong. I love the new car, I really do.
    Driving it is great… Its just the look of it I cant stand.
    For the most part, its all the chrome.

    Duno exactly what about the chrome, it just triggers a shudder in me when I see it.

    So, paint or wrap?
    I wanted to be able to undo it for any reason (not that I would not like it, but just wanted it reversible).
    So wrap it was.
    Got a quote of 800 bucks. Yes, eight hundred dollars to do it.
    Yeah. Nah.
    Ordered some vinyl off Amazon for 8 bucks. Just a small sheet to start.
    Spent about an hour doing one side.

    Better, Much better.
    Ok, so ordered about 30 bucks of vinyl this time and spent another hour or so doing the other side.
    Then did the front and back chrome bits, bumper and emblems and number plate surrounds.
    That leaves the wheels. What to do about the wheels…. I was not confident about wrapping them and not scratching them up, so plastidip to the rescue.

    Better. Much better.

    Should I also the roof racks?

  • No Plink Plink

    Freddy and I drove to Palm Springs the other day (last Sunday).
    It was about 120 miles (193 kms) round trip. We did a big circle, went the scenic route there and the freeway grind back.
    That’s only just over 1/2 the range BB can knock out, so we took the electric. Enjoyed every minute of the drive. Very quiet, very smooth.

    What struck me however was in the garage straight after the drive, I had a moment to be in there looking for my tape measure and it struck me that normally after a long run (or any run that has fully warmed the car up) you hear a soft plink plink sound as the metal engine and exhaust cools and contracts…. Not so with BB. She gets warm, of course, but not that warm and it’s a totally different setup with a lot of aluminum housings rather than metal stuff.
    Anyway, I just found it interesting.

  • Rearview camera

    One other unusual feature on the BoltEV is the fact that the rearview mirror can be either a mirror or a video monitor for a rear facing camera.

    A photo is worth a lot of my words.

    You can see how it can also be a mirror, you just flip the lever under the middle to toggle modes. I don’t get any glare at night, so just leave it in camera mode. Why? Because it’s much wider and there are no rear headrests or other blind spots in the video mode.
    Yes, you have to focus on the video, not at infinity, but my eyes are used to that now and I don’t even notice it.

    Love it.

  • Auto High Beam

    Found another interesting feature on the car……
    It has automatic high beam.

    Hit the little ‘A’ button on the stalk and it will look for oncoming cars (if it’s dark enough to require headlights – which it automatically turns on if need be), if there is on, it will dip the lights, if there is nothing for a few seconds, then it turns on the high beam.
    Soon as a car shows up, and I do mean as soon as, it dips.
    My one and only complaint is that I wish it would flip back on as soon as the car goes past, but it takes about 5 seconds to see if there is another car behind it first.
    It gets a little confused in towns, so I just turn it off then, but in all other driving that I have done with it so far (about 2 hours) its been fantastic.

    It is really surprising just how less ‘stress’ there is when driving at night in the country when you don’t have to be flicking the high beam stalk back and forth all the time.
    You can just keep your hands on the wheel and focus on the road…. Keep in mind this is a guy that loves driving and loves driving at night. I would have thought that having less to do would be annoying or somehow taking pleasure away from me, but its not, its just the opposite, I found I was enjoying and more involved in the road without having to keep flipping the stalk. Surprising. In a nice way.

  • Cruise Control

    Sorry. Not sorry to be going on about the car… I just keep finding interesting things that I want to share…..

    Freddy and I did a backroads trip to Borrego Springs and back over the weekend.
    It was our first solid trip with little traffic on a road that we both know pretty well. Once we got out of the canyon it becomes an open winding road in pretty good condition with lots of rolling hills. I could then engage the cruise control and watch it work for the first time.

    Just blown away with the dead nuts on accuracy of it holding the speed. I mean it was dead nuts on. Not a single mile per hour (1.6ish kph) variation up and down hills or anything else that the countryside threw at us.
    All the cars I have driven that have cruise have never (ever) been that accurate.
    It was just creepy really because the sound does not vary, the car is holding the same speed at all times and so the road and wind noise never changes.
    The car never feels like its braking to hold speed going downhill, the regen just keeps the speed dead on.
    It never feels like it’s accelerating as it has more than enough silent power to hold the speed going uphill.

    Best way to describe it is in Freddy’s words ‘It’s like flying in a hovercraft’….. It really is an odd experience after a little while.
    At first it’s just like, eh, cruise control works, but then you stear and steer and steer and then it starts to sink in, the car has not varied one little bit in any way. Just steer, that’s all there to do.