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  • Tilt drone

    Interesting to see the way people are pushing drone tech in different ways.

    Since they are not (yet) pushing this onto consumers, I really don’t mind seeing a solution to a very tiny problem (fitting a drone through a doorway like slit in a building).

    This sucker can fly parallel to the wall. Why? Because it can, and we need software and engineers to push stuff like this so that when the time is right, when there is a problem to be solved, we have some data on the solution.

    Also, major points if you spotted the Raspberry Pi in the video.
    (My names thebaldgeek and I’m a geek).

  • Using a human brain to teach a robot how to shoot better

    We (the humans) are teaching them (the robots) how to shoot better by uploading our brains into theirs…. What could possibly go wrong?


    Modern sensors can see farther than humans. Electronic circuits can shoot faster than nerves and muscles can pull a trigger. Humans still outperform armed robots in knowing what to shoot at — but new research funded in part by the Army may soon narrow that gap.

    See, I don’t make this stuff up! I really don’t… mostly because I have better things to do, and mostly because I don’t have to!!
    (I just have to sit still for a brief moment and this crazy real stuff just shows up on my RSS feed – in real time).

    Researchers from DCS Corp and the Army Research Lab fed datasets of human brain waves into a neural network — a type of artificial intelligence — which learned to recognize when a human is making a targeting decision.

    The goal, one day, is a neural net that can learn instantaneously, continuously, and in real-time, by observing the brainwaves and eye movement of highly trained soldiers doing their jobs.

    So yeah, that’s about the guts of it.
    We have people working on making neural nets and we have others working on making them faster.

    Just yesterday I may have Googled how to build my first neural net on a Raspberry Pi…… I have to dip a toe into this stuff, super curious what it’s all about and how I can start training one with some of the data floating around in my house…. My thinking is, we may as well give up now and invite this stuff in through the front door, least then I know where the kill switch is for when it becomes self aware.

  • Drones to drop blood

    Love this idea. Even better that it is real, it’s happening today.


    That Rwanda is set to become the first country with a drone delivery network illustrates the often uneven nature of the adoption of new technology. In the United States, drones have run into a wall of regulation and conflicting rules. But in Rwanda, the country’s master development plan has placed a priority on the use of the machines, first for medicine and then more broadly for economic development.

    Take that USA!

    So, in short, they are fixed wing gas powered drones that are launched off a catapult about the size of a trailer. Inside is a gps and blood.
    The destination is programmed in, the thing is started up, launched and off it goes, no pilot needed at any stage of the flight.
    The drone gets to where it’s going, drops the blood package which floats down on a paper parachute and the drone returns and ‘lands’ by deploying its own parachute.
    Picked up, dusted off, refueled and it’s ready to go again in just a few minutes.
    Simple, doable and life saving.

    Love it.

  • Drone radar breakthrough

    Out of my price range, but. This could be a game changer.


    Its a little bit technical, so if you are interested, go read it. But, long story short, they have come up with a new antenna system that is a fraction of the size and weight of a typical radar installation.

    Here is the summary.

    It accomplishes all this in a package about the size of a couple iPad Minis, weighing a pound and a half, drawing only 35 watts of power. Systems with comparable capabilities might be ten or twenty times bigger and more power-hungry. The only real catch is that the range is shorter than the larger systems — they might see a plane 12km out. But as Echodyne pointed out to me, quadcopters aren’t flying at 300 knots; it’s more important to locate closer, more active threats and obstacles.

    At ten grand, you won’t be buying a MESA to mount to your bike, but if you’re Amazon or Uber or anyone looking into commercial applications for drones, it’s more than a little enticing.

    So for a small (and for now) expensive package, your drone can see with new eyes.

    I’m thinking couple this with some AI and you will have an autonomous drone (either land or air based) with some really compelling (scary?) modes of operation.

  • Smart Sunrise 3

    Is it obvious to you that this shot has not been taken with the drone?
    Why? (Either way).
    I could be standing just out of the frame with the remote. (I’m not. Mostly because I am not confident enough to be walking around while the drone is in the air – I tend to be froze on the spot focused on the job of flying).

    No, for me, the dead giveaway that this is not a drone shot is the quality. The drone just can not give such a sharp saturated image.

    Anyway, the real reason for this shot from my camera is because of the beautiful golden tones of the desert and the hint of the road.
    I pretty much built Martty for this road (and Palomar).