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  • Idaho – June 2018

    We had been planning this trip for about 4 months… Pinning down the date took the longest time. Amy and Cole were busy on the 4th July (Wednesday), so that took that set of dates off the books…. Anyway, the week after was chosen way back and we stuck to the date.

    Training at Opto Wednesday morning, then off at lunchtime. Freddy had the car packed and Krysta was ready for her first big road trip and we were all psyched up for the next 22 hours in the car.

    The drive out to Las Vegas is the first bit to get done, I took us to the rest stop just this side and Terry took us through the city that never sleeps around 3pm. From there, it’s the open road.

    We go through California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Idaho, so lots of ‘big sky’ country.

    Got there around 10am, made great time, 20.5 hours. Yes, Terry and I swapped back and forth and so we drove straight through.
    It’s a lot quicker in the summer than in winter, hence the 2 hour quicker than expected.
    I took a quick shower and then left the gang at Amy’s pad to have a snooze while I went into her work and recorded a live feed and a YouTube video for/with her.

    We are just trying to help her do the social media thing, people want to know that the models are just like every day people and knowing their parents helps that.

    From there, we headed back to her place to pick up the rest of the troop and headed off to the island.

    Coles parents are building a cabin on a plot of land that is on a 5 acre island and thus is only accessible by boat.
    Here is the dock you wait at for John (Coles Dad) to arrive at.

    There are a few shanties and tents on the island with some cabins on the other side, so there are a few little boats that come and go from here.
    Everything, EVERYTHING, must be shipped on and off the island by these small boats. There are no services at all on the island.
    Here is the their cabin.

    As soon as I arrived, having been there before, I was looking around and noticed some bugs on one part of the roofline. I straight away told John and so we got out to take a closer look.

    Yellow jacket hornets. They are building a massive nest under his eve.
    I am looking forward to the story of how he removed them as we tried once latter tha night and they attacked us before we even really got close.

    We all piled into the boat and went around to whats called Pebble Beach.
    Its a beautiful beach full of flat round skipping stones. Tons of fun and sore shoulders latter, we headed back to the cabin for dinner and more talking.
    We just low key hung out most of the next day (Saturday) and saw eagles, osprey and other beautiful birds. All in all a very peaceful day.
    Later that afternoon we drove the two hours back to Amy and Coles place.

    Here is a shot of the three guys scheming what to do with Coles very empty back yard. As the evening wore on, the plans got more outrageous. Odd that.

    Sunday Cole had to work, so Amy took us downtown after doing Freddys hair.

    Downtown is rather beautiful. All the street lights have flower baskets under them and Freddy just loves it.

    Meanwhile Terry and I were checking out the cars…..

    We got to the park to do some squirrel watching and got a passerby to get a photo of us.

    Later that night we got to hang out with Cole and Wade, Amys sugar glider.

    The thing is super cute.

    Next morning, quick breakfast photo.

    And then after a whole lot of this….

    We were back in Temecula.

  • Terry graduated.

    Some photos of Terrys graduation.

    Terry and Krysta.

    The usual crew.

    I think it’s sort of sunk in that he does not have to do homework every night.
    The first few paychecks will also be a bit of an awakening and ‘growing up’ adjustment.
    But, other than that, he has transitioned to life pretty smoothly.

  • Nanamacs

    Just a short shout out for the company Amy works for, Nanamacs.


    (Amy is second from the left – standing up).

    I met the owners when I was up visiting, actually got to spend a fair bit of time with on Sunday and really enjoyed my time with them, great hardworking people.
    They are building the company from the ground up, paying meticulous attention to every detail. They are very people focused and it shows in the vibe as soon as you walk in the door, people love working there are a happy.

    Well done guys, I’m sure you will be ranked even higher next year.

  • Amy

    Quick visit up to see Amy in Idaho this past weekend.
    It’s been way too long, years…. So we took the plunge and shot up and back.

    She is doing really well, loves her Apple Watch, her job is going great and her boyfriend is really sweet on her.

    I was impressed at the obvious more calm pace of life up there, the weather was very SoCal for me, but it was obvious that the place is happy to have all 4 proper seasons per year.
    Overall the weekend went well enough. I had some trouble coping with the social aspects of it, but eh, nothing new there.