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  • Data Quality

    I have given up on the ankle tracker.
    Two reasons. 1 the old Fitbit was flaking out on me and not synching its data and 2 I had trouble getting good consistent heart rate data from my ankle.

    So, we have bought a new Fitbit against my better judgement and past history (I have had 4 of them break) with them.
    They just kill it on data presentation (their dashboard is super nice) and convenience.
    I got the Charge 3. Its small, light, good battery life, great data, solid synch and was cheap enough for me to afford to give them another chance.

    In case you are wondering, the Garmin has gone back to the left wrist and the Fitbit has gone on the right in place of the Android Smart Watch.
    For the past few days I have not missed the Android.

    Ah, the joys of being thebaldgeek.

  • Ankle tracker

    You might be a geek if you use an old hard drive magnet to keep your ankle fitness tracker attached……

    I want to keep track of my walking and resting heart rate and my ring/Garmin are just not cutting it.
    Freddy stopped using her (my) old Fitbit Blaze so I have started wearing it again. Because I have both the Garmin on my right and my Android Smart Watch on my left, the only spot is on my ankle.
    Of course ankles are fatter than wrists, so I have been challenged finding a band long enough to go around.

    The joys of being thebaldgeek.

  • Blown Knee

    Well, that did not last long….. I had not even started ramping up my miles when I started to get some random pain in my knee.
    No idea at this stage whats going on, but it is bothering me enough that I can not even really walk much.
    Kneeing is out of the question.
    Hard to say if its even running related…..
    Anyway, I am taking some time off and we will see how it responds to rest.

    Yeah, major blow to the mental health score board for the year…..

  • 26.2 take four

    All inspired by my failure to hit my 1000 miles for the year, plus digging into my mental health data shows I am happiest when I am fit and running, I am going to have yet another go at getting a marathon off my bucket list.

    Begin the training does.

    Terry ran the numbers for me last night. To ramp the miles up each Sunday till 20 in 2 months I am going to add 2 miles to each run. Last week I did 8, so in a few days time, Sunday morning, I will knock out a 10 miler.

    Without a goal I feel sort of lost so we have set the goal of doing the marathon in March. Hopefully going back to run the Grand Canyon in April and then if my mate Lloyd gets the camping permit for May, we have 3 days hiking in the Canyon at that time (North Rim!!!!!).

    So, three realistic goals. If you first don’t succeed, try try try try again.

  • Strava – 2018

    It’s a bit lame, I was hoping for something flashy and data heavy, but eh, you get what you are given….
    Here is my year in review according to Strava (one of three websites that I use to track my running).

    At the start of this year I set myself the goal of running 1000 miles, and fell short (see my post on mental health), but don’t feel too bad about it…. given what I was up against this year, it’s been challenging enough…. Anyway, the highlight was running the Grand Canyon, it was my longest run and the run with the most altitude gained.
    My other running data website confirms that my average distance run is 4 miles… so I have no idea where Strava got the 1.8 from… Unless it’s miles per day for the whole year…. in which case, 1.8 miles a day for 365 days sounds about right.

    What about next year? I will set the same goal. It is realistic, but challenging. 1000 miles in 2019. Lets get on it.