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  • New Ham.

    Short story short. Terry got his amateur radio license.
    Of course, Terry being Terry, he studied hard and went for the ‘General’ level which is the middle of the three levels. (As a reminder, I went for and passed the lowest level – Technician).

    Pretty proud of my son and its great to share hobbies with him.

    Here is a shot of him messing about with his new software radio on the back of his phone. Its a pretty sweet setup.

    For about a year Terry has been doing the odd bit of coding for me and 2 guys in Arizona. They are hams and love to welcome new hams to the hobby by helping out with some gear.
    They sent Terry a radio to get him started.

    So, in short, he is pretty much set up and is having a blast listening and talking with people on the local repeaters.

  • Wildflowers

    Our garden of wildflowers has finally kicked in.
    Only half the size it was meant to be (Still no idea why the other side refuses to grow anything – we even put tomato plants over that side and they are really not doing great) but they are beautiful.

    The thing that Freddy and I both love is the variety of flowers. The more you look, the more different ones you see.
    Not sure how long they will last, but its been about 3-4 weeks so far. Holding up well and really glad we put the garden in for them.

  • New deepest dive record

    Well, that was quick.
    James Cameron’s deepest dive record has been broken by 66 feet.


    Massive congrats to Victor and whole team. Only a few people in the world know whats involved in getting someone down there and back. Its no easy task.
    Very glad that they are not just doing the one dive, but many.

  • Mmmm Coffee

    We are trying a new coffee technique… We were given (by the lady next door that is moving out) a different style of percolator.
    It has like a low pressure boiler vessel at the bottom where the water and pressed coffee go, then it pushes up and dribbles out the top.
    It seems to be a cross between normal long flat black and espresso.
    Very dark and very strong.

    Not sure if I am a huge fan or not. You get a lot of grit in the coffee, so we are going to try some different beans with a different grid and see how that goes.
    I love strong dark coffee, so the thick strength is not the issue, it’s the fact that you have to chew the last half of the cup.

    Anyway, its fun to try something different.