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  • Weeknotes 28

  • Covid
  • No one wants to read about it or people sick with it.
    I just wanted to point out how well made we are. My body fought the thing off all on its own.
    No downloads or external updates required. Everything it needed was already in there.
    It also did it without my help. I was in no way calling the shots, I was just along for for the ride.
    Its been an interesting 2 weeks.

  • Weeknotes 26

  • L-Band antenna
  • I am still building and steadily selling the L-Band helix antennas.
    They are heading all over the world. Canada, USA, Australia and the UK.

    The black one in the middle is headed for Darwin.
    Its a different color because Terry ran out of white filament.
    Its also different because the guy wants to shoot into a small dish which is looking up at the satellite.
    The signal from the satellite has a right hand spin on it, so all the white ones and the bulk of what I sell are for pointing straight to the satellite.
    The black one is wound backwards from the others because when the right hand spin signal hits the dish, it flips to a left hand spin. So yeah, the black one is wound backwards from the others.

  • 80th
  • My dad rolls over his 80th bio-odometer today (Australia time)

    The last time we were together was 5 years ago when I was turning 50. We went on a nice little hike up a near by hill. It was a great day.
    This man has shaped much of my life.
    Sorry things are such that we cant be together again at the moment Dad.
    Thinking of you today more than usual.

  • Weeknotes 25

  • Info Wars
  • This is based on a Tweet that came across my stream.
    It’s something I have been thinking about since digging into the aircraft tracking data.
    People have been making up stuff about governments doing this or that with cargo aircraft as an example, and yet the data shows otherwise.
    The hard thing is that once someone reads something like that, they believe it because its an aircraft, its real, its solid, its tangible. Its not something on the Internet.
    Then I come along with tracking data that shows it wrong, and I cant change their mind.
    Ok, that said, here is the guts of it….

    Misinformation is just a mistake.

    Me: Hey Peter, Alice likes cheesecake.
    Alice: I hate cheesecake.
    Me: My bad, I was misinformed, I thought you LOVED cheesecake.

    Telling Peter that Alice loved cheesecake had no ulterior motive, there was no malice, it was just a “whoops”.

    Disinformation is intentional misinfo; I know Alice hates cheesecake.

    Me: Hey Peter, for her birthday, you should really get Alice a cheesecake, it’s her favorite

    (Peter gets a cheesecake and ruins Alice’s birthday)

    Me: Mission accomplished!

    *Intentionally* feeding people misinfo = lying

    Propaganda is not misinfo or disinfo; it could be, but it can be truth too. Think of it like an inconvenient truth. Finding dirt on a political opponent and publishing it right before the election is a form of propaganda. It’s not misinfo or disinfo, it’s strategic manipulation.

    So wrapping that up:
    Propaganda is the smart use of the words and facts at your disposal; it’s an art that’s practiced by everyone.
    Disinformation is just lying, call it what it is.
    Misinformation is a mistake, until you’re informed it’s disinformation, then you’re at fault if you don’t make it right

  • Weeknotes 24

    I had a pretty bad experience with a Node-RED upgrade. I have backups of my flow, but it was an odd combination nodes and NodeJS that broke.
    Not sure how to backup the ‘system’ to that depth so I can go back if and as needed, but I clearly need to learn. The site was down for about 6 hours.

    While I started out with ADSB, I quickly moved to 130MHz ACARS, then 136MHz VLD2, then Satcom, then HF-DL.
    My goal has always been to pull all this together into one master stream.
    Made some good head way this week (before I broke everything by a bad database bit of code and an update to try and fix it).
    The problem is the message structure is all over the place. Even within the same type, the messages are often very different.
    Anyway, finally got the military aircraft VDL messages routed into the stream. Seeing some cool stuff already.
    Will work on the HF-DL very soon. Always lots of edges to sand so you don’t cut yourself as you browse the site.
    A lot of the problems are self inflicted. I had no clue what I was doing when I started out. Still don’t. But at least now I am far enough down the track to know that I don’t know.

    My son-in-law had a very bad accident on his minibike this past week. (Dogs, gravel and a tow-bar)
    We are lucky blessed hes still with us.
    Amy had a rough few days, but they both seem to be on the mend.