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  • Movie – The Big Short

    Did not hear much about this movie before we watched it, but it was one of the few movies that we have actually lived through.

    This is movie based pretty closely on actual events. The housing and economic crash of 2007 – 2008.
    We moved to the USA in 2008, so it was very odd time for us. We were trying to get our heads around moving internationally and at the same time, the country was undergoing a massive economic readjustment.
    We were not able to keep up with the news at the time, so watching this movie filled in a massive gap in our history.

    Well acted and some of the most interesting editing I have ever seen.
    Worth seeing, but really depressing and sickening to the core.
    High score, but not an owner.

    4.5 / 5

  • Movie – Salmon fishing in the Yemen

    Every now and then Freddy and I get the TV remote to ourselves and we explore outside of our typical ‘action / syfi’ movie catagory that we mostly stick to when Terry is at home…. And every now and then we stumble on some real gems. This is one of them.

    Quirky and just a lot of fun. Totally unexpected.
    It moves along at a really nice pace, and keeps the interest up. A bit predictable in places, but they are easy to gloss over with the fun characters that are on offer.

    Not an owner, but 4 / 5.

    Never thought I would watch another fly fishing movie… But then… Emily Blunt….

  • Furious Seven

    We (Ok, Ok, Terry and I) are always up for a bit of mindless car movie action.
    In the past, the Fast and Furious franchise was always willing to deliver.
    Their latest however falls well short.

    1 / 5.

    Yeah. It was bad. They took themselves waaaaaaay too seriously.
    Still, there are a smattering of outrageous stunts and Duane (The Rock) is as huge as ever…. The saving point for us? We are all massive Jason Statham fans. He was very Jason.

    Bottom line. Give it a very wide miss.

  • Hitman Agent 47

    2.55 / 5

    There were a few bits where I started thinking about programming…… Spent some time flicking around on my phone….

    It got a bit confused with itself I think. They could not make up their minds if they were making an action flick or a philosophical documentary on what makes us human.
    As a result, you ended up with a really slow boring movie interspersed with some pretty good (but very very heavy on the CGI) stunts.

    In the end, it was a solid Meh.
    (Freddy did not like it at all and Terry said it was okish – None of us want to see it again. Ever).

  • Star Wars – The Force Awakens

    1 / 5

    Yawn. Super dull. Checked my watch a bunch of times.
    Put simply, there was nothing new to entertain me. It was all stuff that I had seen before, nothing to engage me in the characters or the plot.
    Even the ships, sounds and lasers were exactly the same.

    The only highlight was the few interactions between Han and Chewie.

    It was put to me that Tron Legacy was the same as Tron… So why the hate on Star Wars and not Legacy…. Fair question, but I think there is enough new stuff that while it has the feel of the old one, it still felt like a new movie. Star Wars just felt like the same stuff over and over again.
    Granted, with Tron you have going inside the computer, the grid, light cycles and the portal, but there was a whole bunch of new stuff thrown in around those basic constructs that you were kept engaged.
    Star Wars? No. It was death star all over again, same run down the tunnel, same X-wing fighters making the run, on and on. Same, same same.

    Long rant done.