• Ankle tracker

    You might be a geek if you use an old hard drive magnet to keep your ankle fitness tracker attached……

    I want to keep track of my walking and resting heart rate and my ring/Garmin are just not cutting it.
    Freddy stopped using her (my) old Fitbit Blaze so I have started wearing it again. Because I have both the Garmin on my right and my Android Smart Watch on my left, the only spot is on my ankle.
    Of course ankles are fatter than wrists, so I have been challenged finding a band long enough to go around.

    The joys of being thebaldgeek.

  • Rain

    We have some (for us) major rain coming over the next few days.

    All in all we should get about the total of last years rain in 4 days. Mind you, outside of the big rain event we had in December, it was a dry year last year.
    Anyway, all very exciting, but hopefully there will be no mud slides and no damage to property up in the hills. The fires were bad enough that we don’t need everything to be washed away on top of it.

  • Walking

    Freddy and I are still walking even with my knee issues…. It does not hurt at all when walking, but that said I am cutting back even on the weekday walks for a bit as I feel even walking, while not hurting, it is not helping it heal. I still have pain when walking downstairs.
    (I saw a sports medicine doctor and she said that my glutes were too tight and thus were pulling up my kneecaps, so I have been foam rolling my glutes like crazy).

    Anyway, here is a shot of us out from last weekend.

  • Window Cleaning Day

    Some of us had fun while others of us worked!

    Worth 1 minute of your life to watch. (Well, I think so).

  • Last Trim

    We did some yard work on Sunday…. This is probably going to be the last trim for this palm out the front of our place.

    It’s just getting too high for me to feel confident doing it.
    I use the battery hand sawzall and it works well, but yeah, it’s just getting too messy up there. So we are going to ask the HOA about taking it out.
    Our other two options are to let it get messy with dead fronds (they attract rats, mice, rattle snakes and owls) or pay through the nose to get it trimmed every 4-6 months.
    The joys of living in Southern California with palm trees in your yard.