• Home Solar – Take 5

    Well, for the 5th time we had a guy come into our house and run the numbers for a solar system.
    Long story short, we use enough power to require a 8kw system, which fills most of the roof (honestly, its so scattered all over the roof that even I said it was an eye sore).
    The big issue with such a big system is the cost.
    We are looking at a 25 year loan to cover it. So I would be paying it off till I am 78 years old. Yikes.
    If we chose to sell the house in the mean time, we have to find someone that is willing to take on the payments. Some $150 bucks a month.
    On top of all that, if we run our AC, we will still get a power bill.
    The panels that we were quoted on were pretty much bottom of the tier made in China stuff. (And we all know what my experience with them has been like!)

    So, after all that, it should come as zero surprise that we decided, once again, to not go with the system.

    We have looked at leasing, owning, financing and tax credit and one other option I cant remember.
    I badly want solar, but just cant afford 40 grand.
    The difference in cost of systems here in the States vs in Australia is just astonishing.

  • Different side fence blew down.

    California has been having some crazy winds and fire season of late.
    Even Temecula got the winds. Normally being in the valley we are protected from that sort of thing, but not this time.
    So yeah, this time the front part of the side fence blew down…. The good part is that the bit we fixed last time survived (as I would expect).
    So we have torn the whole thing down, jacked out the rotted posts, re cemented them and are starting to put it all back together.

    The oceanographic aircraft tracking will be down while we do this as the big dish was nestled up against the fence. It is now currently sitting under our patio cover.

  • Empty Nest

    Been a busy few weeks helping Terry and Krysta move into their new rental house.
    They are only about 20 minutes away in Murrieta, so its not like they are in Idaho or anything, we can still drive around and see them.
    It sure is a lot quieter at home with just the two of us.
    We have turned Terry’s room into a home gym. Amy’s room is still the guest room with the bed, so we are still set for visitors etc.
    The workshop and garage are still a bit of a mess, but Freddy has cleaned up the rest of the place pretty good.
    Turns out we have used our little truck a ton. So much for my plan to sell it since we ‘never use it’. Hah! Fat chance of that.
    Freddy is on the look out for a washer/dryer for them and any book shelfs, I’m sure the truck has more work to do yet.

  • Speed up, cost down

    After three years of very happy service from my Internet Service Provider (ISP) I thought they were worth a call.
    We had the day off on Monday (Labor Day) and so had the time to call them.
    Basically, I just wanted to know if that, after all this time, there was any wriggle room on either my speed or my monthly bill.
    Turns out, there was.

    We now have screaming internet speeds.
    A totally incredulous half gigabit up and down (I don’t always hit the 500 up for some reason, time for a new router?).
    The best thing of all?
    The bill was cut by a third.

    Sweet deal all around.
    Thanks Frontier.

  • Built a gate

    The old one was about had it. I guess it was not too bad for 20ish years old…. it sagged and was a pain to open since it was dragging on the ground so much.
    Not only, but also, it opened into the yard. This made it hard to get the rubbish (trash) bins (cans) in and out since it opened into them.

    As you can see, even with the braces someone had put on there, it was not enough to pull the gate off the ground.
    Also whats with the non-level top? Who thought that was a good idea?

    This is what the three of us built in a few hours.
    Freddy has painted the other side so it keeps the HOA “happy” (You can never keep them happy, so we just do our best and hope).
    Anyway, swung it on the house side so it folds back on the house, giving much more room to get the wheely bins in and out.
    Leveled the top for no reason other than it looks oh so much better.
    Notice the top rail. The HOA demands that all fences and gates have a top rail. Why? Because HOA.