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View ‘live’ (refresh your page every two minutes) data from thebaldgeek’s personal seismograph station (Raspberry Pi Powered).

This link is a live feed of my station data. (Click on any of the other triangles to see that stations live data feed – Pan and zoom the map to see other areas).

View station data on the RaspberryShake world map

If you see a quake (a very sharp rise on the front of the wave), you can click this link and cross reference it with the USGS website.

USGS Quake listing

This plot shows the wave amplitude at the top and then the frequencies as a ‘thermal map’ (blue is low energy, red is high). It helps see how much energy was in the quake.

This next plot is for the past 12 hours, subtract 8 hours from the time shown on the sides of the graph to get local time.

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