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  • Christian school with fitness trackers – what could go wrong?

    File this one in your crazy bucket…..


    Can a Fitbit distinguish between cross-fit and carnal knowledge? It doesn’t matter, says Oral Roberts University (ORU) officials, because they won’t be scanning data for signs of student coitus anyway. The school now requires that all of its incoming students use (and pay for) Fitbit trackers during the spring semester. That caused some speculation that the devices could invade students’ privacy, particularly since they can be used to monitor sexual activity. However, the school says it isn’t using the devices to enforce its code of conduct forbidding pre-marital sex.

    Rather, the reasons are more prosaic, though still slightly Orwellian. ORU gives students a pass/fail grade for doing exercise during the term and will use the trackers to monitor students’ steps and heart rate.

    Ok, look, just to help you out, here is the link to an article (safe for work. Mostly) that shows a woman’s heart rate from her fitness tracker during sex (it’s a graph, but there is a side photo of a fully covered woman in bed).

    And yes, I could share my fitness tracker heart rate graph, but no… You guys are not seeing that!

    Ok, now that we have all that out of the way, can please we get back to the article.
    A christian school is putting heart rate trackers on their teenage students.
    What could possibly go wrong??

  • Crowdsourced depression treatments

    I never knew about this website;


    About CureTogether

    Imagine patients around the world coming together to share quantitative information on over 500 medical conditions. They talk about sensitive symptoms and compare which treatments work best for them. They track their health. New research discoveries are made based on the patient-contributed data. This is happening at CureTogether, and we believe it can have a massive global impact.

    First I saw of it was this graphic popped up in one of my feeds as a side image to the main article.

    depression solutions

    This is what got my attention.
    You can read a bit more about it on their website;

    Given that it is all done by crowdsourcing is both interesting and a caution note worthy.
    It would be people from all walks of life, the only one thing to be sure about is that they surf the web. And that’s the caution, you could be reading anything by anyone.
    But, that said, my thought is that since that chart is built from pretty close to 5000 people, it would (should) sorta average out.

    Here is my take away.
    I blogged about how this year I want to focus on my physical health to improve my mental health.
    Well, it would seem that according to a whole bunch of people I am on the right track with that approach.

    Have not blogged about it yet, but I am also making an effort to do Yoga each morning, and yup, yoga is on the graph. (Middle left)…. Pretty happy to see it up there.
    Of course, exercise is front and center, well, top right… which means it’s very effective and used by a lot of people to manage their depression.
    We will do another blog in a few weeks how my quantified year is going (it’s only been around 6 weeks at this stage, I want to get at least 8 week under my belt before we even start to draw conclusions) in this regard.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that I was really really encouraged to see that I am not totally off my rocker to think that by managing my physical health, I can impact (in a positive way) my mental health.

    As for the ‘Adequate Sleep’ thing….. lets just say that is a work in progress and we will blog more about that specific topic once we have a little more data.