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  • Week 1 Review

    Week 1 of marathon training is done.
    Day 1. Cross training did not happen. We intended to do the usual Monday free weights circuit in the gym (with Benson), but we have a big press release coming up on the 12th of February and are going pretty hard to get ready for it, we ended up working late rather than working out.
    Day 2. 3 miles. Also happened to be the first day of training here at Opto, so we just went latter in the day. Very straight forward, just cut a bit off the usual 4 mile run through Old Town Temecula.
    Day 3. 5 miles. Ended up doing this one solo. Trance, very straight forward. Through Old Town with a 1/2 mile out and back tacked on the middle. We have done this run many times in the past.
    Day 4. 3 Miles. Solo again. Added some speed work into it. The plan said to do the speed work tomorrow, but with training after the run, I had to hurry it up anyways.
    Day 5. 5 miles. Solo. Shirtless in the middle of winter! Nice trance mix. Very enjoyable run.
    Day 6. Rest. Gary’s favorite day. Went for a 2 mile walk with Freddy before breakfast it was such a beautiful day.
    Day 7. Long run. 10 miles. Freddy got me some Gu gel to have (100 calories and a bit of carbs). Ended up having to take two belts, one for the water and Gu and one with my phone, worked out pretty good, but want to get it worked out better. Had a great run. Had forgotten how much I love the long runs.
    Loved the watch as soon as the sun came up and I could see it. Still getting it dialed in. There are a lot of options, but there is no question, I love the data. Here is just a small taste.

  • Week 1. Day 1

    I have always wanted to run the length of a full marathon. (Not an actual marathon, too many people).
    42.2 kms
    26 miles.

    We have run a few halfs and always enjoyed them. Figured now is as good as a time as any to start training.
    I am going to follow the Hal Higdon method. Basically you just ebb and flow the miles slowly building up the distance. He has a few plans and I picked one of the intermediates to follow. The only change I am going to make is to swap Friday for Saturday (For obvious reasons).

    I wanted to have my fitness devices in place before I started so I could track my progress, but since CES is this week and I am not 100% happy with what I have or what my choices are, I am going to hold off and just go with the fitbit and Strava for the most part.
    We will blog about this topic in due course.

    So. Week 1 Day 1.
    Cross. This means anything other than running. Today, I will be doing free weights with Benson after work in the gym. If that does not work out, then I will see about hitting the HOA pool after work and doing some laps.
    Basically anything to get my cardio up, but not stress my legs.