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  • Julian earthquake swam

    Far out… I was just there on Sunday (blog entry coming).

    There has been a swam of 5 earthquakes near Julian, just down the road from us here at Temecula.

    Here are the traces from my Raspberry Pi Seismograph.

    The first big blue one is actually the first 3 quakes.
    They really came in fast together.
    Then a few hours latter, the green trace shows the 4th.
    Then a few hours latter, the blue trace show the 5th.

    Here is the USGS map showing their locations (and to the upper left, Temecula).

    By using the ‘as the crow flies’ option in Google Maps, I make it to be 43.6 miles away.

    Without spoiling the coming blog, I was about 3.2 miles from the epicenter on Sunday (Little did he know).

    Pretty amazing to have a swam so close to home and really makes you wonder just what is going on beneath our feet!!

  • New seismograph

    My names thebaldgeek and I am addicted to Kickstarter.
    (Am I allowed to say that more than once per session?)

    I got me a new seismograph!
    Yeah yeah, its pretty much exactly the same as the old one and yes, I am a little disappointed on just how similar it is, but eh, no going back.

    The new one looks pretty much exactly the same as the old one.
    The main board is a little bigger now. This one is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 vs the 2 in the old one.
    This one also has my name laser etched in it, same as the last one.
    (Its a perk for backing their kickstarter campaign).

    I don’t care what you think, I’m telling you, this is the best looking seismic vault in Southern California. It just is…..
    Cost me a packet of both money and honey-love to get the thing installed, so yeah, it is pretty!
    I still need to fix the lid (under the fake rock in the middle) better, but its working for now.

    Here they are side by side. Old and new.
    I wanted to run the two of them in the same vault to compare them for a good while. (Mostly because I have not found a home for the original one just yet).
    There were reports of this new one running hotter than the old one by way too much. I can now report, its about 10 dec C, so not so much at all.
    In a nut shell, the new one is supposed to have more axies of data, and it does, they are just super noisy, so are of little value 99% of the time.
    They supposedly come into play as soon as you have a ‘close’ earth quake.
    Hey, I live in SoCal, should not have to wait long…..

    Here is a crummy literal screenshot of the two traces side by side on my groov screen.
    I can honestly say, after running them for a few weeks now, there is no difference in the main trace.
    Sad thing is, the company that puts them out has already hinted that there is another Kickstarter campaign next year with new hardware….. Bleh.

  • Seismic waves visualized.

    Great (except for the ‘music’, so be sure to mute it) video showing the different waves you see around any given earthquake.
    It illustrates beautifully why it’s not always ‘clear’ just what waves you are seeing after a biggish quake from just one station.
    This is why I am glad to be part of the bigger network of seismographs.
    My data can contribute to the greater bucket of data and thus be part of reducing the noise and extracting the signal.

  • Seismograph – Part 5

    No more tweaks to the vault, so this is about how things are just working really well.

    Sadly, due to a software bug, I lost the actual page of the big quake off the coast of Mexico, so here is the photo I happen to take of the screen that morning.

    Just a massive quake that ran for many minutes and then picked up a bit half hour or so latter.

    Now, as for all these, I truly am sorry to say that I have been super distracted (massive (or not) blog post coming – relax, it’s really geeky techo stuff) and so I just have not been keeping up on exactly which quakes all these traces are from.
    I guess my point in showing them all is that the system is working really well.
    The last point I want to make is that RaspberryShake guys are working on a system that sends an email as soon as a big quake is detected on each of our seismographs, so I will be able to keep track of them much better.

    You can click on each image, then your browser should let you click again and you can pan around, so you can see the dates and could go back through the USGS website and link all these up.
    Impressive that 2 of the pages have 2 quakes on them.
    The new vault seems to be working well?

    Till then, here are some amazing traces from my station in Temecula.

  • Seismograph – Part 4.5

    Just a quick update to say that things are working and that I have added a thermal graph to the data.

    This screenshot is from my groov screen. It is easier for me to add live data to there than this website….. But I try and keep some of it synched.
    Anyway, the point of this is to show that the system picked up a ‘tiny’ M1.27 at my beloved Borrego Springs a few days after I got it in the new vault.
    I like the thermal plot, it shows the amplitude of the frequency of the data. Low bass at the bottom and tops out at 20 Hz at the top.
    Blue is low amplitude and works its way up to red.
    I need to do some more reading about how to read both waveforms, but its nice to have it and let it seep in in the meanwhile.

    I plan to put some 50/50 cement/sand mix around the tub, put a water edge around the edge to help the water run away from the tub and then make a foam top to keep the bugs out.
    Once that is done, we are pretty much done with the physical vault.
    At this point I will turn my attention to the software.

    [Edit – Due to the nature of scheduled blog posts, I tinkered with the software after I made this post, but before I could blog about the changes – whoa, that does not make sense even to me – anyway, I broke the main 12 hour trace graphic. The thermal one is still working, but yeah, everything was working great when I wrote this blog, then I messed with (before this blog was published) and broke it…. Perhaps by the time this blog goes live it will be working again – duno… anyway, time is weird. My names thebaldgeek and Im normal.]