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  • Handle – the rolling robot

    Boston Dynamics are at it again.

    This leaked out in a shaky cell phone cam video a few weeks back, glad I waited to talk about it because we now have a proper video to talk about.

    Few interesting things at work here. The wheels work surprisingly well for outside. I can see a bigger / fatter set of wheels/tires on this thing and it really doing well.
    The ballance is impressive, but those arms would really help things out, it is almost human like in some of the moves.
    I guess the most interesting thing for me is the bump in efficiency and quietness…. I mean if you are going to have a robot overlord follow you around all day, it needs to be quiet!

  • Robot face

    Since you guys loved the last robot video so much, here is another that is sure to either inspire you, or really really creep you out.

    I think mostly all the detail you need is in the video, so won’t bother wall-o-texting you with it.

    Personally, I like it. A lot. But then I am all about the tech. The speed and flexibility of the facial expressions is really impressive.
    I wonder how much route programming there is with the face, or if there is some link between her AI and expressions. I sort of expect not, that is a pretty big leap to associate the ‘required’ facial expressions with the conversation.
    Then again, it is a solid start. Love the progress.

  • The future is here. Now.

    Please please please (Dad, you included when you have the spare bandwidth) check out this ENTIRE video. It’s only a few minutes, but you need to see the start to really be blown away at the end.

    I gota admit that I teared up (just a little) watching this…. Both from joy and wonder.
    It is just amazing how far these guys have come in the past 1-2 years.
    I once applied for a job in the robotics lab at RMIT long before I applied for the job that got me to Ballarat… I still love robotics…. Not going to say too much, but I am working on another robot at home (Yeah, in addition to the one I currently have in my groov demo)… A future blog for sure.