Do you smile while you ride?

I do. It must look a bit odd. Ridding down a road, smiling from ear to ear. Whats the longest period you have smiled for? Try it, its not easy when you have no one telling jokes, or tickling you, just try turning off the radio, wind down your window (I am assuming you are in a car) and smile, a big broad, ear to ear smile……..

What can I say, riding my bike makes me happy. Really really deeply happy.
Its relaxing, its exciting, its rewarding its among the best memories I have. (Sad I know).
Is it the bike its self, is it because of all the time and effort I have put into it, it is because of all the personal modifications I have done to the bike…..I dont think so.
For me, its because of the way it frees my mind……. this is really hard to explain. When I am on the bike I am not restrained by all the things that seem to weigh me down in life. For those moments on the bike I am weightless. Sights and sounds go from black and white muted muffles to ulltra vibrant colors with a full symphony orchestra. Its like flying above it all and thus any problems become smaller than ants, they totally disappear and only the big beautiful picture remains.

When I am riding, its like I can be the real me……..

This is not working. I cant even really begin to get close to what its like to ride a bike though the Australian country. The gold from the crops, the blue in the distance from the ecualypts, the blue sky above, the long shadows on the hills, we were not created to be muted in cities and crushed by others unrealistic expectations.

Im not saying we all should ride bikes, I am saying that I am truly and deeply greatful to be given this chance, at this time in my life, to ride a 1982 Honda Goldwing Aspencade.