Its the little things…..

I finally got time to make the GameBoy external buttons. So now I can change maps and stuff from a bunch of switches on the RHS fairing. Its got the mapping back up and running.

I fixed the oil seep on the top of the motor. The glass that is in the ‘top dead center’ viewing port was lose. I am glad that it did not pop out, oil would have spewed all over the place! I Alradlyted it back in. It should hold. Its nice to have a clean motor again.

15 emails and 3 months latter, I got my SuperBrace for the front forks. Its a nice looking hunk of aluminum. It has not made as much as a difference as I thought it might, but the ride is definitely stiffer, seems to corner a little more precisely as well. I feel better to have it on, if nothing else, the fork seals will last longer!
I got my intercom back. Its better than the last one, but still nothing like working, still nothing like worth 550 bucks. So, I have it disassembled on my work bench at the moment, I am installing some pots for mike gain control. I am convinced that it has wwwwwwaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too much of it.
Also, while it is out of the bike, I am going to make a switch / speaker harness for it so I can switch between the helmet and the speakers on the faring. Least that way I can have a few tunes while riding with out having to hook up the helmet.
Next will be an AM/FM radio.