Back from two days at Opto22

We are just back from a great day and a half at Opto22. Was really good to catch up with all the regulars, and to spend some time with Bryce and get to know each other better.

The traffic there and back was Ok, guess you can get used to it.

This afternoon we went to the Pasadena Brewery, It has about 400 hundred beers from all over the world, one guess what they had from Australia….yeah, the only non beer we make, Fosters! Never mind, in honor of my good friend Dan, I had a Canadian beer called Mooshead, it was Ok, not as good as the other I had that I totally forget, It was really nice!

After that, we went to a friends house for dinner.

Thats about it, I guess I need to add that I should listen to Gary and Dan, my Windows PC at home has crashed, and the house/dog sitter cant reboot it, so the weather is down until we get some thing arranged….yeah, well, not a lot I can do!
Chow for now.