Off to San Antonio tomorrow

We have had a nice day here in Dallas…..It snowed. Not enough to settle on the ground, but the flakes were very pretty. Thing is, we thought it was going to be hot, so we did not bring any long sleeves shirts, or jackets!
I bought a HP laptop, bought an old one because it was cheaper and because it was the only one that had XP on it. I mainly bought it for work stuff, and I don’t want Vista as I have to get stuff done on it. Also ‘all’ the new ones have super wide screens, I did not want anything that big as I bought it to work on, not watch movies on! Anyway, I am not sure if the battery is still getting up to capacity, but it seems a little light on for run time on the battery, but apart from that it seems really good. Honestly, at this stage, I have not had a lot of time to mess with it.

We had a great day at church today, nice group of people here. Looking forward to meeting a few more on Tuesday in the next city.

We have hired a minivan to move ourselves in, its rather comfy.

Apart from that, not a huge amount happening. Really enjoying kicking back with my Uncle and Aunt.

Chow for now.


P.S The next door neighbors had a chimney fire tonight, 5 fire trucks and two cop cars turned up, it was pretty exciting for a while! Terry got to see the computer in the fire truck, he was pretty wrapped, I stuck my nose out the door, but it was too cold for me, so I went back to trying to fix my Uncles email problems……%$^#&@ Outlook Express!!!