We are back in LA

We flew (uneventfully!) from Dallas to Denver, then from there to LA yesterday.
The lady at the Avis counter loved my accent and so gave me a free up grade on the car, so this time we are in a minivan!!!!! Its way cooler than the sports car!

The girls crashed at Jason and Brittanys while Terry and I went and spent 2.5 hours in an electronics shop…… we struggled hard, but in the end we broke down and bought a few things each. (I even found a present for GaryC (who is still pointing out broken things on my web site!))

Today I am off on a little road trip by myself (more on this possibly latter, much latter!), then on the way home I hope to go via the Goldwing shop (and it better be open! (and have the stuff I want in stock!)).

This afternoon we go to a friends house for dinner, meeting Steve and Karrie (and the kids) there, and then following them home. We spend the weekend with them, looking forward to it!

Chow for now.