Paintballs and planets

Whoa, what a day….paintballing for the first time ever and then we went to Griffith Observatory.

The paintballing is way scary, its a pretty full on event these days, lots of high tech, high power gear. (Unlike the rental guns, which are low power, low accuracy….and yes, they call them ‘markers’ not guns). Our first game was a 3 on 3 speedball, we (Steve, Terry and myself) lasted about 10 seconds. The second game was a little better, it was about 2 minutes, and the 3ed game was the best, it was about 4 minutes.
From there Terry had had enough, it was just way too full on for him, so Steve and I left him at the target range and we went up to a bigger field and had quite a few good games. After that the full on guys arrived and it all got a bit over the top.
I have some good welts to show for the mornings ‘fun’, Steve hardly got shot, well, he did, but they were all head shots, because of my back I could not get as low, so I took a few in the chest and legs….. its pretty mad, gives you a bit of taste to war and bullets…… You can see them coming, and hear them as well, and they sure hurt when they hit! Its a weird feeling having about 10 other guys looking to kill you and every one else on your team.
Terry tells me that he wants to stick with laser tag, hes a pretty sensitive kid, he did not want to play because he did not want to cause any one else any pain if he hit them, at lest with the laser tag he knows that they will not get hurt if he hits them……

From there it was home for a shower and a bite to eat. Then it was off to the Observatory. We booked in for the planetarium show as soon as we got there. I stood looking at ‘the big picture‘ wall for a bit, makes you feel really really small and unworthy. Then it was time for the show. Wow. Mind blowing. It was the best show I have ever seen!!! The digital projector shows bright pin point stars, not fuzzy blobs like the one in Melbourne. The show was just staggering with the mix of real footage and digital effects. The clarity was fantastic as well. They covered the story of the universe from big bang to what we know now, it was very moving and exciting, I wish every one could see it. They have put a lot of work and time into the show, it was worth every cent, they really have a world class instillation. Its way better than IMAX even!
Terry and I just got to see their Tesla coil after the show (which is not in resonance, so its not really a true Tesla coil, and the girl showing it had the most crazy mix of truth and error about what Tesla was really up to), thankfully there was a security alert in the middle of her presentation and the whole building had to be evacuated…… we left happy and caught the bus back to the car park (there is no parking allowed up there any more since they rehashed the site, I have no idea why that is the case).
Back to Steves for dinner and a kick back. Nice end to a great day!

Tomorrow, its the ‘Happiest place on earth’….thats right, Disneyland! (hmmmm)

Chow for now.