Nothing very bloggable, other than its our last day in the States.

We had a very enjoyable afternoon tea and dinner yesterday…… It was about the most peaceful and relaxing day we have had since we got here. The kids got to hang with Brittany in the evening and went to see a movie (Which one, I just forget).
The only downer of the day was that we spent some time trying to chase down the new Leatherman Charge TTi, and did not find anyone with one in stock, so, again it was pretty disappointing, it seems that more and more stores are moving to online only, not sure what people like me are going to do….. Im sure I am not alone in wanting to hold, or try on what I am going to buy.
Its raining here at the moment, the first time in a long time according to the locals. I don’t know how much we have had, but its nice and peaceful, just a nice steady shower…. weird thing is that 90% of the houses here do not have any guttering, so it all just runs straight off the roof and chews out the gardens that are around the house. Also I have seen very few water tanks on houses.

Today is packing day. We have the large shoe collection to pack and a few extra clothes that we have picked up from here and there.

So thats about that. We will spend the day just kicking back having a holiday with Jason and Brittany. I will mess with the Linux laptop that I bought them for their webcam, hope I can get the wireless card going, it has not been a case of plug and play, so thats annoying, but somewhat typical of Linux…….

Chow for now from the US of A.