Its good to be home.

The plane we were suposed to catch from LAX was declared out of service, so they had to fly a different Jumbo down from San Francisco….so, we had a nice little 3.5 hour delay while they did that. We ended up taking off at about 1.30am.
The flight was not all that smooth, lots of little jolts, not as bad as our flight over in 2004, but not as smooth as the flight over last month.
It was about 2 hours too long for Amy and I, we both got very quezzy at the end, we found that if you look at the side window with your eyes shut, the head does not spin quite as much on landing and take off as sitting looking forward, that helped, and the ginger tablets are fantastic as well!
There was a 45 min delay for some reason when leaving Sydney….anyway, the nice result of all that was that we only had to wait about 15 min for the shuttle bus at the airport instead of the 2.5hours we were expecting… for once the delays worked out (could have done with the wait in Melboune instead of the LAX floor!)

The dog was VERY excited to see us all, I think she really missed us, she did not settle down for hours!
The house was in very good condition, the house sitter did a great job, the car is filthy!, the garden needs a tweak, and the lawns are not too bad, so all in all, things survived the time away, which is great. Really appreciate Milly and Brian taking care of things for us.

The bike started first hit, so that was great, it was nice to ride it again……really, really nice, I missed it more than I realized!

So, in conclusion? Was an interesting trip, there are some really neat things to come out of it that I will talk more about when the time is right. We saw a lot, we drove a lot, we talked a lot, we got very little sleep, Freddy is on the mend, Amy is borderline with the throat thing, Terry is a little jet lagged, but we are all really glad that we did it.
I am looking at either getting an online photo thing working, or doing a web page or two with some of the photos we took on it, probably do the web page thing as its quicker for me….. so hang on for that some time soonish.

Thanks for your comments, support and following along, it was an eventful trip!

Chow for now,

Ben, Freddy, Amy, Terry and Cassie.