A State of Trance – With Armin Van Buuren

2 hours of non stop trance. WOW!
There is a radio station in Melbourne that plays it (I think).
Other wise you need to go to his web site to hear it.

I have really come to love this show. Its great to listen to, it really just rolls along, the mix that he puts together is just great, new and old tracks and DJ’s.
The 300th show was great, it was 7 hours of live Trance…….now THATS a trance track!

I am becoming more keen to get to another Rave and hear some more live Dj’s. Im just not sure where to go. Im told that some of the Raves in Melbourne are really bad for drugs, but I want to hear some good DJ’s. I have not spent any time searching the web to see if I can find some locations or Raves that get a good balance.
The other thing thats really important for me is sound, where ever it is, it has to have a good sound system. That was one of the best things about the Rave at Kryal Castle last year, the sound was sssssooooooo good.

Im trying to figure out how long I have been listing to Trance music for. I know its been more than a few years, not as long as I have been listening to Mike Oldfield or Jarre, but its getting up there.  I think its safe to say I am enjoying it more and more. I am keen to get hold of some of the early stuff and see what it sounds like. I still have no idea what the Dj’s are doing, where the music comes from or how it is put together, but its a treat when they get it right.

I think I like it because it has so much energy and is soothing at the same time, and because there is so much going on at once.
One thing is sure, at ~170Mb per track, you need a good size MP3 player to carry the stuff with you!