Ubuntu and Automatix

With these two on your hard drive, life in the Linix world is nice, real nice.

I have really got the hang of building a computer that is a joy to live with, and these two are the way to do it.
Standard Ubuntu install, and then pick what you want from Automatix. If you can, get an Nvida graphics card and install the drivers off Automatix, it will make a big difference to the speed and overall smoothness of the system.
I wish Skype for Linux would use the web cam, but I guess its a work in progress. Thats the only “down” that I can find.

OpenOffice still will not spell check when first installed. You would think they would get that sorted, its not hard to fix, just go into tools, options and select your spell check language.

Sadly, I can not get the PICAXE programmer to work under WINE, same with the Opto22 suite (actually, all but the graphics runtime work, so its rather useful, and probably pretty cheeky on my behalf to even try it). The Weather Display software that I use on my web site also seems to work ok under WINE.

Thus I remain ssssssooooo close to being able to leave XP for good, but not yet……soon, but not yet.