Back into the basement.

We are back from the Feast of Tabernacles. (Lev 23:33->43).
This year we went to Bright again. While we been there quite a few times we never seem to tire of it. It is a beautiful little town and well suited to our 10 or so day stay.

The sound system went very well this year. We used the speakers in the hall this year which saved on the set up a bit. The sound was a lot more even using them as there is 4 of them and they are nice and high, so there are no dead spots.
They are not up to dance music however, so for that we used my amp and large speakers from the basement. I did not take the subwoofer this year, rather I just relied on the 12” woofers in the bottom of the speaker bins, I’m glad to say it worked a treat. There was plenty of base for dancing and good volume. I ran about 70w average (according to the power meter on the amp) and the speakers took it all and had head room to spare.
The VOIP hookup also went very smooth. The only real hassle is the hooking up to allow people in the hall to talk with those on line. I will have to look at a better way to arrange that next year.
The lights worked well, we have that down pat now. The flowers look great with the lights on them. Got one ‘complaint’ from one of the pianists that the light made it hard for them to read their sheet music. I may try putting the light higher next year, but am worried that it will cause long shadows over their face. See what we come up with……

Pulled up well after the snowboarding. Really well in fact. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that we only had 3 runs….. Terry has got onto this Freeboard thing, it sure looks like snowboard on wheels. Given the price of going to the snow, this might be a cheaper way to get the feel of snowboarding in a more temperate climate, ie out the front of our house!

Soon as Terry has a day off school we are keen to ride to Gellong and look for a harness for use on the kite. We need to take the stress off our arms, and get better set up for moving to a land board or buggy.

Yikes, bit of a longish blog, better get moving!