There must be some mistake…….

I am nerdier than 97% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

I took the above test because I wanted to test my internet connection after changing the main switch in my computer rack (I guess that should tell me something right there), its the second result when you put the word ‘test’ into Google…..there is no way I am THAT nerdy…..

I beg you, please click the above link and take the test and prove that its ‘broken’ and that I am not a ‘nerd god’…….. 97% nerd…..there must be some mistake……

So, what I need you all to do is after you take the test, email me your results. at (remove the anti spam at and replace it with @) Or just post them in the comments. (email is probably better).
Let me know if you DONT want your results posted, other wise the world might find out your a bigger nerd than you thought!

Update 1; 26th Oct. First results are in…….

Terry (my son) got 37% (Forgot to note what it said).
Matt B got 47% (Somewhat nerdy).
Amanda (Matts wife) got 23% (Not nerdy, but definitely not hip).

All this came from a comment that Matt B made one time while I was visiting at his place….I was riding a skateboard on his back deck, and he just blurted out “I didn’t know nerds rode skateboards”.

At the time (and ever since I have to add), he claimed not to know that there was a difference, and that it could be even a little bit ‘offensive’ to call a normal person a geek, or worse, to call a geek a nerd!

So, what is the difference?
Well, there are a lot of differences, but here is a cut, paste and edit from the web;

Nerd; are people of above-average intelligence who place little importance on their appearance or social skills.

Geek; are the people you made fun of at school and end up working for as adults. The focus is on their techo-employability.

I other words, geeks know about stuff and are handy (fun?) to have around. Nerds know everything about something, but are ‘hard’ to talk with.

I think that is breaking it down and generalizing too much, but it gives the flavor.

It also gives you some idea why I was so ‘disturbed’ with the 97% ‘nerd god’ status, and why Matt B will never live down the fact he called me a nerd!

Update 2. (Afternoon of the 26th).
Rob A got 27% (Nerd wanabe).
Terry D got 49% (somewhat nerdy)
Nick S got 74% (Mid-ranked Nerd).
Tony S got 10% (Definitely not nerdy, you are probably cool).
David L got 75% (David did not supply the ‘quote’ from the site).
Dan H got 67% (Low-rank nerd)
Brittany C got 41% (some what nerdy)
Jason C got 31% (Not nerdy, but definitely not hip)
Sue W got 1% (Cool – no where near nerdy)
David T got 82% (high level nerd)
Gary C got 83% (high-level nerd)
Gillian O got 25% (Not a nerd, but definitely not hip)
NJH got 98% (Nerd God)
Steve O got 14%
Bob O (Bens Dad) got 62%
Graham J got 48% (Some what nerdy)
Bryce N got 81% (high-level nerd)
Mark S got 79% (Mid-level nerd)
Sean P got 54% (Somewhat nerdy)
Gordon P got 36% (Wana be nerdy)
Cathy P got 4% (despises nerds)

There is a disturbing trend appearing…. I took the test again, and got 98% this time, so thats no improvement.
Then I noticed that there was a version two test. Its a longer test with more questions, so I thought it would set things right….here are the results from that one; says I'm a Highly Dorky Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!

Highly dorky nerd king……????
Ok, so I’m not into comics and Si-Fi TV shows, I’m Ok with that, but the rest?? I’m starting to think that the test is just about less common knowledge, and they rank you high for having knowledge thats on the very edge of ‘common’ (like how to find your IP address, and how to surf the web just using IP addresses (two of the questions of the ver 2.0 test)), and then they link that knowledge to being a nerd, where in reality, I think its more about Geekiness.

No, really, I’m not taking all this too seriously…….

3ed and final update; (30th Oct).
Thanks to all those that took the test and were happy enough to share the results…… Sadly, it would seem that the people behind have done some thinking and have some up with a pretty good list of questions. They really can pick ’em. Those that scored high really are those that I would consider leaning tword …..errrr…. well, being a little more technical…….

I think the test really is about detecting levels of ‘geek’, it would be too hard to know how some one dresses via questions, the bizarre thing for me is that I have no idea how you could answer the questions any other way….I mean, how can any any one ‘rig’ the answers to only score 1%???? (My sister)
Anyway, in conclusion, I (stupidly?) decided to take the test on last time, this time thinking about the answers, not just rushing though it, and here is the final word to this blog entry……

I am nerdier than 99% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!