Getting a little better at video editing.

I have been wanting to put a bunch of video clips together I had from flying the kite at Bright during the Feast. After my ‘success’ with the helicopter video, I thought I would have a go at it.

You can see the result here;

Its the bottom one…….

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out I don’t really see myself putting more time than what this one cost (about 1/2 hour). I think its pretty much finished.
I’m getting keen to get a video and audio capture card happening to get the video tapes I have onto the computer so I can do them at some stage (they will take a lot longer simply because there is hours of tape).

Anyway, I think it helps make the event a lot more memorable. You don’t have to sit though 15 minutes of video, just 4, and its a lot more engaging with the music and the fact that its just the ‘good’ bits.

Hope you like it. Thanks for watching.