6 hours and 3 weeks and surf.

March 10th, 2008
Daylight saving time started in California this weekend, so that means there is now 6 hours difference between the east coast of Australia and the time in the west coast of America.
The way I work it out is to just add 6 hours to the time now, and then call it yesterday. Of course you have to watch when the adding takes you over midnight. For example, I’m typing this entry at 7:15pm, adding 6 hours makes it 1:15am, but its the same day.
Daylight saving ends in Victoria on Sunday April 6th. At that time, it will be 7 hours difference.
The best rule of thumb to use is to remember in the Auzi summer, its 5 hours difference, in Auzi winters, its 7 hours.

I tried telling myself five or six times today that in exactly 3 weeks it will be my first day of work at Opto22……. It has not sunk in. Its just too amazing, starting a new job, in a new country, in three weeks. Wow.
I’m excited and nervous. Its going to be a big change, but I am looking forward to seeing what roll(s) I can play at Opto.

The weekend in Apollo Bay went really well. It was great to spend some time with my sister and her family. We all had a hoot watching the old home movies Gary and Dan converted to DVD for us.
The stars were amazing, I will post the web address as soon as I get the photos up.
The surf was cold, but you got used to it after a while. The kids enjoyed the swim, it was nice to share it with them, even Freddy got into the waves.