7 to 10 days and if not, can I sue?

March 28th, 2008
We drove down to San Marcos yesterday to apply for our social security number. In the end, it was about a 10 minute job. Fill out the form, wait about 3 minutes, show my passport and that was that. The girl said it would take about 7 to 10 days and it would show up in the mail. Im not holding my breath, but it would be nice if it was here that quick.
We also went to the AAA (car club) for renters insurance (ie, just contents) and to ask about car insurance. Yikes! I knew that people here love to sue, but no one I think could really prepare me for the task of getting car insurance………. In a nut shell, you have to be covered for every little thing. For example, if you damage a road sign, the state sues you for the money to repair it. If you are taking little Johny home after playing after school with your son, and you are in an accident, even if he is not hurt, just upset, then his parents can, (and from what the girl at the AAA said) and probably will, sue for damages, so you need to be covered for that as well……On and on it goes.
The one good bit of advice she did give was to wait ~1 second after the light goes green before you drive off, Temecula is known for its red light runners, if you wait, you have a better chance of not being hit.
The other interesting thing (not that we need this for a little while) is that you should get your kids to go for their license as soon as they are able, ie when they turn 16. Even if they don’t drive (which is recommended as insurance for them is insane), get them on the books, apparently their (and every one else’s) insurance costs are linked to the last 3 years driving history. So if they get their license, but don’t drive, you don’t have to insure them, then when they do drive at 18 ish, its crazy expensive rather than GDP of a small country expensive to insure them.

All that aside, I have spent about 2 hours on the net trying to find a car to buy and still are not really any closer to having one to look at.
The  good news is that Freddy has started driving. Shes pretty nervous (as are her passengers) but, its a start, a little each day is the goal.

Im typing this on Friday morning, only 4 more days till I start work. Still lots to do….. Lets see what today holds!