I have a complaint and I’m excited.

April 30th, 2008
The excitement and the complaint are not related, but it made for a more interesting title putting it that way…….

I’m excited because we had some weather today…..!!!!!! Yah! It was overcast and a cold north wind was blowing. Wow, our first non perfect day! While it did not rain, and so would have passed for a pretty good day in Ballarat, it was really neat to see something other than clear blue skies and perfect temperature!

The complaint I have had is from a good friend (not going to name names, but he lives in Melbourne)….. He said that I blog far too much and that he cant keep up. He wants to see shorter, less often blogs, and he also said that getting a 1 line summery once a week would be better……. Duno, I know 3-4 of ya read this, and its as much for yous as it is for me to keep a ‘diary’ of the adventure….. I see his point. I would hate to sit down in 5 years time and re-read it all……
Anyway, think I will just keep going and see if I get another complaint….

When we left Australia, we sold all our furniture, the first thing to be sold was the piano. We told Amy that we would buy her a new one when we got over here. We were very clear that despite what she wanted, she would be getting a digital one (both for me as much for the neighbors). Tonight was her night. We went and bought her a piano. After test playing about 5 of them she chose a Yamaha YPG-625.
I think she will be very happy with it. Terry might use some of the other features in it to get a bit interested again. If my web server was not going to show up some time, I might even look at the ‘learn’ feature of the thing, but the lure of cameras, weather stations and internet telescopes will be too great at the moment.

The only other news is that Freddy has got her humming bird feeder up and while we are yet to see any drink out of it, there are 2 of them hanging about in the tree out side our apartment and that is totally thrilling Freddy.