I just want to buy a car!

I feel like Gary…… Friday afternoon, walk into Dick Smith Electronics with a pocket full of money and you cant find a single thing to buy!
Cars are every where here, every one has about 3 of them….. you think I could find one to buy! And the whole process takes sssssoooooooo long each time you walk into the dealer, and the dealers are ssssssoooooooo far apart. Yeah, 2 full days of this and I am way over it.
I guess part of the problem is that we were looking for a Honda minivan. Thats what we wanted, thats what I looked at on the net, thats what lots of people recommended to me.
So, we are now the owners of a brown VW Passat, its an ‘04 with a trubo 1.8liter engine. Time will tell.

It really is an ugly process when you don’t exist. We ended up paying cash for it because the whole finance thing was taking about 2 hours every time we started it. Unfun. Most of the people were nice enough, some more so than others, but for some others, it was really nasty. The whole price negotiating thing is really weird, you don’t do it with the sales guy, you get another guy, but hes working about 3 other people at the same time, so he keeps walking in and out on you, its pretty hard to pin them down….anyway, its just odd for us I guess, there are lots of cars on the road, so it must work for some people!

On the up, we had a nice Saturday at Jason and Brittany (THERE, yous happy now that I have mentioned you by name in my blog???). We were looking at cars up there way on Friday, so we planed to stay the night, they were just the boost we needed. Saturday was great, our first church service as members, not the usual visitors! Saturday night J&B had a bunch of people over for dinner and that was really nice as well. Looking forward to catching up with more people as we settle in.

Another downer was getting though the supermarket check out and THEN finding out they do not take credit, so we had to leave the trolley full of food, go and get cash, and then come back, thats the first time its ever happen to us so it was pretty embarrassing.
The last downer for the weekend was me totally forgetting that calling Australian mobile (cell) phones is not free like every other Aust number is for us (gota love that VOIP phone). So, while chatting to Gary (about the bike no less!) I ran out of credit on the computer phone and we got cut off!!!!!

Today, we have to get a bank check for the car, get insurance for the car, pick up the car and drop into Opto22 (to find out what time I start tomorrow if nothing else). It would be good if in the middle of all that we can drop into the district office for the schools to enroll the kids (unlike Aust, you don’t enroll the kids at the school, but at a central office). I’m sure that those tasks will soak up the day nicely!