If you miss it, best to go around and have another go.

April 15th, 2008 No Comments »
Another busy weekend.
Friday night it was up to Jason and Brittany’s again. This time we were able to do more than just lay around and talk about how tired we all are…. Jason and I helped the kids with their teen bible study essay and Freddy and Brittany sat on the couch and solved the worlds problems.
Saturday was what the locals call ‘mega sabbath’, its the 2nd sabbath each month. You have spokesman’s club in the morning, then pot luck lunch, then services, then teen bible study, then there is the teen activity. It was a really good day. The club was fantastic, I mean really, really good. The quality of the speeches was fantastic. Some of the guys giving them were 16!!. The evaluations were also really helpful. The table topics were pretty deep and caused a lot of good answers. Then the closing comments by the guy taking the club (its on a roster, so you don’t always have the same guy taking it, what a great idea!) were amazing. In a nut shell he showed how what we learn in club can be applied to our jobs here and now. It was truly excellent.
The teen activity this month was a spaghetti dinner and a DVD. We dropped the kids off and went to dinner with a bunch of friends. It was a Brazilian place, its pretty much a meat fest (heh, it just occurred to me right now how much Gary would love to eat there). You get your plate, and if you are game, you can self serve some salad, or, for the Garys of the world, you just sit. On the table there is a little double ended marker, green on one side, red on the other. While its showing green, they bring meat. All different kinds of meat. Its cooked on swords, and they bring it to your table on the sword, announce what it is, and if you want some, they slice it off right there, you have these little tongs and you grab it. And so it goes until you flip the marker to red. Sit, talk and get hungry for more, then flip the marker, and start again!
From there were picked up the kids and drove to Steve and Karrie’s place. Spent the night there, next day we did some spring cleaning with them, then headed off about 11:30.

The GPS is great, I would truly be lost with out it. There is only one time when I have had trouble with it, and this has happen enough times that I am almost getting ‘relaxed’ about it……. Where freeway interchanges are…… Its a mess, I am going to start taking Freddys camera with us, you need to see it to really get a handle on it…. There are at least 2 freeways, often 3, so you have up to 6 lots of ramps and over passes. Its amazing to look at, almost art. Every one else knows where they are going, and while the signage is pretty good, every now and then me and the GPS totally get it wrong. When you do miss your exit, you really do have to double back and double back and have another go at it…… Reason is, the new freeway you are on, will quickly (just how quickly is the topic of another blog soon) take you in the wrong direction.
The ‘trap’ is, the interchange is so big that you have to drive for a mile or more (2-3k’s) before you get to an off ramp with an on ramp next to it. Then you have to go back though the interchange, find another off and on ramp, then try and get your exit. My record so far is three times. Its a handy dandy way to soak up a solid half hour! Even the kids are not bothered by it any more.
So, two and a bit hours latter, we got home.
It was a busy, but enjoyable weekend.