It’s all a matter of scale.

May 23rd, 2008
Was chatting on the phone with Matt B though the week and he was wanting to know how big the humming birds were.
The birds are getting used to Freddy, so I got her to stand near the feeder so you can get a sense of scale for the feeder and more importantly the birds.
We got some good photos, you can
see them here.
Freddy is getting to know them and has found that they all have different personalities and traits. Some times when she goes out on to the deck, if one of them is hungry and she is a little too close to the feed, the little sod will hover near her and swear at her (well, give her a tiny mouthful at any rate).
At one stage I got some photos of 2 of them feeding at once. (You don’t have to click on that link, just look in the album).

Some time back we all pretty much decided that we have out grown the rides at Disneyland, we may go back just for giggles, but for some serious roller coaster fun, we are heading to 6 flags, magic mountain this weekend.
We are going to head up to church on Saturday, then go from there to Steve’s place, leave there ‘early’ Sunday morning, join the throngs at the ‘coaster park for a full boar gut wrenching day, mozy back to Steve’s Sunday evening, hang out there Monday morning, probably shift some more furniture, then head home before the freeways get too choked (2.1 million cars will do that to a ‘freeway’) with Memorial Day traffic.

Should be a good weekend. Blog at you all in a few days.