It’s been a huge week.

March 20th, 2008
I dont really have time to go into it in any detail right now, but its been one of, if not, the biggest week in my life…….

We are leaving the house right now(ish), and so this is a rushed blog entry to say that we are shutting down the cable connection. With it goes our VOIP phone and regular chats, email and blog updates.

Freddy is cleaning like mad, the kids are out the front of the house crying while saying goodbye to their school friends (who talked one of their mothers into driving them over here), I am……well…..blogging….

Thanks to everyone who has helped and offered help and support from this side, we are looking forward to a quite day tomorrow and then flying over.

We will have hit and miss email as I can find computers, we will let you know via this blog when the cable is connected in our apartment.

So, for now, Thanks and goodbye Australia.