Night 1 and a cable.

March 25th, 2008

Yeah! We have cable…..!!!! This is a good thing, because we all have a nice dose of jet lag, so at 1am local time, we were all goofing off and talking and stuff, wide, wide, wide awake…. I have never had jet lag on any of the other trips we have done, so I have no idea what is different this time (other than a little stress).
The night went ok. There is a fan or something running that causes a drumming noise in our bedroom wall, thats pretty annoying, its a lot louder than the muted traffic noise (love double glazed windows (Dan, you the man!)). Im sure I will get used to it.
Other than that and the fact that it seems like the fridge hardly ever cuts off (I have turned it up and it seems a lot better), the first night went pretty well.

I saw a humming bird this morning, Freddy is ticked that she did not see it, but then you dont see much when you are fast asleep at 11am do ya??
The cable guy was late, but we are up and running, and thats the main thing. I am about to plug in the VOIP phone in a moment, so that will be the next big leg up, being able to call people! (And have Auzis call us!)

But, right now, we are off to try and get a PO box and open a bank account………