Oh all right then.

April 17th, 2008 No Comments »
I have had more than the one (usual) email from Gary about how the kids are going in school….. One from Gary and one from my sister, so, in my little world, that about adds up to an email storm…… so, here, a blog entry on how the kids are going in school…….


So, now that we have that out the way STOP emailing me about them!
Seriously,  they have said nothing of note, otherwise I would have bloged about it……. The first few days were a bit hard, big school, different culture, different style of teaching, nothing is the same. They don’t have lockers, they shut the kids in after the second bell…..so on and so forth. Oh, and no uniform takes some getting used to as well. Free dress every day is not a good idea (thats from both the kids and us!).
After about 3 days they both met some other kids that have become friends with them and that helped settle them both down. Not a huge amount of homework at this stage (pity really). But they seem like they are learning something.  Terry is actually getting stretched in the math classes, Amy is, well, Amy, so its all about friends, and those she is making. She has met a girl here in the apartments that has been here for 8 years and not had another girl here for that time, so they are excited to have found each other. They hang out a lot after school at our apartment, or hers. She seems like a nice girl, she wants to be a pastry chief (yeah, I know, but someone has to be one right?).
Anyway, point is, they are going ok, it was a bumpy start, but they have settled down, I think there will be another settling (or awaking) in a few months (and not just for the kids, but all of us). We will deal (and blog) with all that when the time comes. There is just no way we can prepare for that now??

On a totally different note, I came home for lunch today, first time ever, it was pretty nice. About 10 min drive to get home and about the same to get back, still, that gives 40 min at home, plenty of time to have lunch and relax for a few moments. I think I will try and do it at least once a week if I can. I have been not having a lunch break or I have been going out to lunch with the training group in the past 3 weeks.

The air at the servo takes quarters, or a pin number. Pretty odd.

Its 5 bucks for a drive though car wash, compared with the ~$14 at home….. I don’t think its as good, but we will look around, there will be others, and not just the hand wash ones that are popular here. There is no tap at the apartments, so its hard to do yourself is my point here (I think).

Took a call from a guy in France today, I think his Australian was about as good as my French, but we made it though and I helped him out.
Its amazing how many Opto 22 products I have never used or heard of! I use the search function on our web site a LOT.