Pass and photo’s.

May 13th, 2008
I took my driving test today….. I had an appointment, and I still had to wait about an hour 15. Lucky I was reading the motorcycle book and so the time passed pretty quick.
Freddy had to show her hand signals (since when, in any country, does holding your hand up signal you are going to turn right???? (Holding your hand down along the door is stop….yeah, I know…..)), I did not get tested on them…….
It was about a 15 minute drive around the back blocks, few different speed zones, lane changes, stop signs and traffic lights. Fairly straight forward in the end. So now we just wait for the real bit of plastic to show up.
(And I am NOT holding my breath to see if said plastic will gain us the unobtainable cell phones).

I have uploaded some more photos of the humming bird. We think its the female as she is smaller and less agressive than the red headded one.
I am pretty pleased with theses photos. They are actually pretty sharp. It’s still crying out for a laser trip wire so I don’t have to sit there all afternoon with my finger on the button!
Anyway, you can
see them here.
Hope you like them, Freddy is still all bubbly and happy about having them. I get blow by blow accounts every day I come home if she has had a close encounter with them.