Stuff is stuff and we are having a little party.

May 8th, 2008
Not a whole lot to add at this stage. All 51 boxes are accounted for and there is nothing broken.
One box had a real bad crease in it, it was the box with the wine glasses in it, but the crease happen between the stems and the head of the glass, if it had been 2 inches higher, we would have lost my Grandfathers wine glasses, but there was not a crack to be seen….. So that was really good.
It was nice to have a stout out of a real beer glass last night, and we are all loving eating with metal flatware (what the Yanks call cutlery) rather than the plastic (the splines on the forks are too thick to stab stuff with!). Terry and I are still hanging out for the time when we can order some
titanium sporks from Think Geek (the main reason we have not ordered them is because, well, you cant order just two sporks can you…….look at all that other neat stuff!!!!).
The other neato thing (for a geek) is the computer has arrived! Yah!!
Few things that have happen, 1. the computer to person ratio has finally got a little better (really need one more). 2. The kids know that they are not to touch my computer, ie no more closed tabs in FireFox (SwiftFox now that I have MY computer back). 3. I can start messing with my internet controlled telescope, allsky camera, weather station and humming bird camera….. Trust me, all this is a good thing……

But thats not why we are having a little party……. we are celebrating because Freddy got her drivers license………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not that we doubted for a moment that she wouldn’t, but she was pretty nervous. Thing is, there is a glitch…..there is always a glitch.
She went down to the DMV, all phyced up, and they turned her away. No SSN (Social security number (try and keep up with the acronyms)) and the computer was rejecting the same visa number that they accepted a few weeks ago…… They sent her home to get her Passport and rescheduled for 1/2’s time. Thats when her nerves went into over drive.
Passport in hand, the computer still was not happy, so they (all 4 people working on it) said ‘take the test and leave it with us’…. So, she aced the test and we wait. Hopefully they can get it sorted and in a few weeks she will get her license.
I go for mine on the 13th, next Tuesday (Wednesday in Aust). I have a SSN (but we all know how useful thats been of late!), so it should be just a matter of passing the test.

Closing comment. I am going to take this opportunity to install a new hard drive into the Linux computer and move to the latest build of Ubuntu, so it will be some weeks before I am back on the air. Many thanks to Dan for hosting my site for this whole time.