The computer is a box

March 5th, 2008

The packers came yesterday and our stuff is now (more or less) on its way to America.
Both Freddy and I were a bit worked up about the packing, but in the end it took 2 guys about 4 hours to do……I hope that it has a smooth trip and that it arrives in Temecula as planed in good shape.

Here is a short video I did of the event.

The couch, table and bed go some time today. The place will be pretty empty by then. Slowly all this is becoming real in our minds. Getting our stuff uplifted (hey don’t blame me, thats the term they use, or so I am told) was a mile stone. Freddy and I have been working on getting it done, in her case, for weeks. For me, two days after I finished at work, we have been non-stop sorting and packing…….. Its been a bit harder than I thought. Everything in your house has to be decided on. Do you take it, do you sell it, do you give it away. Every thing in the garage, and everything in the study. It took 3 days to go though the study….. Every IC, every LED, every fuse, every cable, every everything.  Every single thing you own has to be touched and decided on.
What made it even more challenging for me was that I feel that my leisure time focus will change with the new country/job. Thus a lot of the gear that I have collected over the years will probably not be used. Hope I am right ’cause I got rid of 90% of it. The weather station and internet telescope are the only two major project type things that I have shipped. Anyway, its been a mentally tough week and both Freddy and I are looking forward to having a little ‘us’ time before we crank up for the move out and fly over stage.

Our family is off to Apollo Bay this weekend with my sister and her family. Should be a nice break from an empty house. It will also be the last time we have the chance to spend any real time with my family.
I’m looking forward to taking some photos with my sister, she has a good eye and a different way of looking at things. I suspect I will learn a thing or three, I’m looking forward to that.
The kids are looking forward to going for a swim…….its just occurred to me that we have no idea what the beaches are like near where we will live…..Anyway, looking forward to unwinding for a few days before we wind up for the next phase