Thursday not Monday and high speed internet.

March 11th, 2008
Um, when you actually look at the calendar, and not just presume that April starts on a Monday, you will see that I start work on a Tuesday. So, that makes it 3 weeks today, not yesterday…… It might seem trivial, but in fact, its not…… You see, I now have an extra day I did not know I had, and thats pretty neat……going to be a busy week that week, and every moment counts!

Since we now know where we are going to be living (unit 68) for the first 6 months in California, I was able to ring Time Warner and book a time to have cable internet connected to ‘our’ apartment. It was super smooth, and a very easy process (lets hope it works in reality just like the phone call). I had to charge it to my Australian Visa card for the moment, but at least we should be on air between 9am and 12pm on Tuesday. Thats the day after we arrive. So we will just make sure that Freddy is home, and we are good to go.
Here is the kicker. Its cable, so its 6 megabit down, and 1 megabit up, so its nice and fast, but the really neat thing is its unlimited!!!! Yeeehar! Finally I get to have the internet we have always read and dreamt about!!! No more checking your usage page every few days to make sure you are pacing out your usage to last a whole month! Ah yes, welcome to America, the land of all you can eat internet…….
(Yeah, yeah, I know, I need to get a life, but hey, I am a geek and net usage is ‘important’ to me).