Tiring and exciting day.

March 27th, 2008
Yesterday was a big day. We got furniture and I dropped into Opto22.

We got up early, which given our ever lingering jet lag is no simple feat. Anyway, we were up early to call a removals company to see if they could shift the bulk of the furniture we had bought some time ago though a friend at Opto22. They were booked up and could not take us at such short notice, so we googled U-Haul and headed off to get a truck.
We found a place down town in short order, and for about 80 bucks found ourselfs heading down the freeway in a nice big F350 V8 powered truck. (Photos coming).
I’m really glad that we did not get any one to do the job for us, it was so nice to meet Bo, the lady we were buying the stuff off, and her place in Fallbrook was just so pretty it alone was worth the drive.
Bo was so kind, she ended up giving us some extra sheets and blankets, which we so badly needed, it was just fantastic.
We bought some extra stuff off her while we were there, a small tv, vcr, table and 4 outdoor chairs.
It was not that hard for Freddy and I to unload and bring the stuff upstairs, tiring, but not hard. The apartment now looks like a home.
I can add, typing this the next day, that the bed was very comfortable and is going to be something to look forward to at night. (Not that the borrowed air mattress was not welcome!).
We have been hitting up ‘Craigslist’ for all sorts of things, its the American version of our Trading Post, but all on line and often with photos. We found this really nice looking computer desk, a bedroom suite and dining table. I goofed a little and discovered that the numbers shown are not phone numbers, but add numbers. So we did not get the stuff while we had the truck.
Only one guy got back to me in time for us to get it yesterday. Ken was selling the computer desk. He emailed me his home phone and I called him on the VOIP (which has an annoying ~1sec delay) and we arranged to meet at the storage unit where the desk was.
It was a beautiful desk and when he dropped the price with out me asking, it was sold! Trouble was, it would not all fit in my car, no trouble for Ken, he offered to help with the bit that would not fit.
So we loaded up into the two cars and he followed me back to the apartment. Once we got there, he would not hear of leaving it, he then helped move it up the stairs! So, while the wives stood and chatted in the carpark, Ken and I did all the heaving lifting, (and let me tell you, this is one quality desk! It weights far more than the 3 seat sofa bed we got, Freddy and I are going to need help move out with this one!) While at each end of the desk the blokes got talking….. I found out that he is an air traffic controller at Miramar air force base. Wow, what a cool job!
Anyway, desk in apartment, he then asked that when I get a bit more settled we give them a call and do dinner some time…..think I will, super nice family! (Super nice desk, wait till you see the photos, going to be hard to keep it clean, but it looks too nice to use!)
I then went down to Opto22 to see the accounts people to set up how I am going to get paid….no social number was throwing their payroll company.
Well, what a welcome, before I got to accounts I had caught up with Benson, and he told be about one of the projects I will be working on, lets just say that I am very, very, VERY, V!-E!-R!-Y! excited, it is ssssoooo ‘me’ that I am just busting! He also showed me some of the other things that I might get mixed up in, now I really cant wait to get started!
I also met a bunch of new people and said hi to many that I have got to know over the years, they were all so excited about me joining and just so warm and friendly, it was such a positive time for me that I was bouncing off the roof for hours latter!

Ok, long blog, but it was a big day. The place looks like home and I cant wait to start work! But, wait I must, today, we are off to get a social security number. Yippy (or not…watch this space).