Web photo album is up.

March 13th, 2008
I have had a little time to mess with the Picasa application (Windows) and the web albums. I like what I see so far.
This is how I think we will make some of the photos I take during this adventure available for you all to see.

Click your mouse here, and see the results.

The camera pretty much has replaced the bike as my main ‘gadget’. (But I am looking forward to my shiny new Blackberry!). Its pretty neat what it can do. I am looking forward to keeping a bit of a record of our travels. I hope you like the results…….
(Im a little annoyed that I cant seem to put a title up for the whole of the albums….. I want to make a point that there is NO POST PROCESSING on any of the photos, other than the odd crop. I’m a little tired of seeing and hearing about all the post tweaking that goes on in the digital photo world……ok, rant over, I feel a little better).

Busy weekend with Matt in town and the GP followed by the Kiss concert….. Should result in a few photos…..heh heh…..