Weekend and cubical cam.

May 12th, 2008
We had a pretty good weekend.
We drove up to LA for church, since its the 2nd Sabbath of the month, its what everyone calls ‘Mega Sabbath’. We have spokesman’s club, then pot luck lunch at the hall, then regular services, then the teens have their study while the rest of us hang about and talk. Then usually, in the evenings, we have the teen activity. This month it was put off and we are having the fancy dress night next month.
We went to Steve and Karries place after church, but because of the renovations happening there we had to go down town and watch a movie (we saw Iron Man (again for the boys and the first time for the girls)). When we came home, the builder was still at it, so we had a few beers and wound down for a bit. It was clear after a while that he would be at it for the night, we hit the sack about 1am. He was still working at 7am when we got up.
He left and every one arrived at different times over the space of the morning. It was great to see Brian and Gillian again. We hung out and moved furniture most of the afternoon, it was pretty neat to help Steve set up house.
The drive home was pretty uneventful.
We stopped in to look at some RV’s. Very nice and very cheap, but they did not have any of the little ones we were thinking about, so we will try and find a dealer that has some of them too look at……don’t panic, its nothing serious just yet, we are simply looking at and thinking about our options for a 2nd vehicle. (I cant see any point in just getting another car, the 2nd set of wheels has to bring with it some sort of ‘lifestyle’ (thats about the best way I can think of putting it), ie a motorbike or camper seems to be what we are picking from at the moment).

I did a little more work on the computer and have set up an office cubical web cam. It takes a photo every 10 minutes and uploads it to my computer at home. You can see the photo by clicking on this link here.
It will be on and off as I mess with the computer. Also it only runs from  7:30am till 4:30pm, no point uploading a picture of an empty cubical.
Yes, I hope to remount the camera to give a better view, its all a work in progress and something to have a little fun with while I get the computer rebuilt.